Stader Tageblatt 03.08.2023

Stader Reederei nimmt Fahrt auf

Hansa Online 07/2023

Foorohari holt sich erstes Post-Panamax-Containerschiff

Deutsche Verkehrs Zeitung  05/2022

BF Shpmanagement / Dship

Hansa Online 05/2022

Foroohari und dship sichern sich Weco-Heavylifter

Stade Tageblatt 04/2022

Satder Retten Flüchtinge aus Seenot

Splash 247  03/2022

Foroohari bought its largest ship to date

Trade Winds News 03/2022

Foroohari grows fleet with second sub-panamax boxship

Trade Winds News 12/2019

Foroohari grows fleet with second sub-panamax boxship

Hansa – International Maritime Journal 05/2019
Shipowner Foroohari plans to expand his MPP-activities.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 03.05.2018
Four Bulker for Foroohari. Fleet grows up to 20 Units – Trulsen chartered accession.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 08.03.2018
X-Press Feeders hired “BF Caroda”. The 862-TEU-Feeder goes into charter for 5-6 months between Spain, Canaries and Morocco.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 08.03.2018
X-Press Feeders hired “BF Caroda”. The 862-TEU-Feeder goes into charter for 5-6 months between Spain, Canaries and Morocco.

JUVE Rechtsmarkt 05.2017
No ship will come. The labor union Ver.di and a Stader shipping company meeting at labor court.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 24.01.2017
Three MPP-Carrier for Foroohari. Ship owner from Stade takes over Carrier from Eckhoff and Winter – MPP-Division grows up to six untis.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 06.01.2017
Unlawful vessel boycott. Labor union ver.di has to pay compensation to ship owner.

TradeWinds 23.12.2016
German owner wins fight with ITF over ship boycott.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 27.07.2015
“BF Valencia” sold to FESCO. Foroohari sells 19 year old container vessel.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 05.06.2015
Three MPP-Carrier for Foroohari. Stader ship owner takes over “OS Bodrum”, “Team Spirit”, “BF Caloosa”- Fleet should grow up to 30 units.

Stader Tageblatt 04.08.2014
Finally Stade gets his own maritime gateway. The Stadersand harbor installation was refurbished.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 15.03.2013
The 1794-Carrier “BF Ipanema” (Build Year 2009) achieved a daily income of USD 7,200.

Shipmanagement International No. 40, 11.2012
Interview: Bijan Foroohari, Managing Owner, Reederei Foroohari and BF Shipmanagement.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 10.08.2012
Euro Caribe Service is extended.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 09.08.2012
Foroohari: The fleet is growing. Four more container vessel under management.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 16.12.2011
Taken over 20th container vessel. Ship owner Bijan Foroohari managed the auctioned “Petuja” under the new name “Tauranga”.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 08.2011
Container vessel “Marfeeder” changed ship owner within gemany.

Stader Tageblatt 19.01.2011
Pure dramatic at storm near Gibraltar. Stader ship owner takes care of 70 castaways.

Stader Tageblatt 04.12.2009
Ship owners hope for improvement. Cautious optimism in the branch despite huge problems – government assistance demanded.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 10.11.2009
Two new china-constructions for Foroohari. Considering “BF Ipanema” and “BF Cobacabana”, the fleet grows up to 14 units.

Ausschnitt Maritime 20.03.2009
The Stader located shipping company Foroohari will put two new constracted 1,312 TEU container vessels as “BF Ipanema” and “BF Cobacabana” into service.

Stader Tageblatt 19.03.2009
Container vessels facing rough sea. Ship owners from Stade hopping for improvement over the next year – freight rates drope over 70%.

Emdenzeitung 03.02.2009
Vessels without employment in Emden – and counting. Daily increase of requests to broker and port authority.

Ostfriesenzeitung 27.01.2009
Ten vessels without employment waiting at Emder port. They are a visible sign, that the economic crises has reached shipping.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 21.02.2008
Eleventh vessel for Foroohari. Ship owner from Stade takes over “Katharina Ehler”.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 29.01.2008
Expand to Hamburg. Maersk Line with KNSM weekly service to morocco.

Stader Wochenblatt 19.08.2006
High level quality. Naming: Stader Reeder Bijan Foroohari praises J.J. Sietas-Vessels.

Stader Tageblatt 11.08.2006
Stader ship owner swears on Sietas-Vessels. Foroohari celebrates the christening of “Euphoria” today.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 26.03.2004
“Confianza” will be christining today. Second new Sietas-Vessel for ship owner Foroohari.

Bildzeitung Hamburg 12.03.2003
Christining of a vessel at Sietas on the Norderwerft on monday.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 07.03.2003
New Sietas-Vessel for Captain Bijan Foroohari. On April 12th 1997 Captain Bijan Foroohari puts the MPP-Carrier “Esperanza” into service as the first ship of his company.

Stader Tageblatt 27.02.2003
Stader ship owner trust on Sietas. Today: Marjam Foroohari christens new container vessel in Hamburg. Vessel ahoy.

Hamburger Abendblatt 10.02.2003
New constructions at Sietas shipyard. On port side still stands the old name “Pioneer Sea”, on starboard side you can already see the new name “Maersk Freeport”.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 30.01.2003
As “Esperanza” to ship owner Bijan Foroohari. The formerly “Pioneer Sea” will be christened as “Esperanza”.

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 21.08.2002
“Alrek” and “Frieda” purchased. Stader ship owner expand fleet.

Foundation in 1995

THB Deutsche Schifffahrtszeitung 15.04.1997
New owner for “Esperanza”. Captain and ship owner Herbert Drewes sold his MPP-Carrier “Esperanza”, which was built in 1985 at the Sietas shipyard.